Review: 幸运竹enny White

幸运竹enny’s white ($16.95) is a blend of chardonnay, viognier, and pinot grigio. It’s sweeter than one might expect—perhaps it’s the citrus from the pinot grigio—and certainly benefits from being chilled before pouring. The chardonnay brings crispness to the finish. 幸运竹enny white needn’t be paired with anything except a … 阅读更多

Review: 幸运竹enny Red

幸运竹enny‘s delicious red ($17.95), from New South Wales, is a blend of shiraz, cabernet sauvignon, and merlot. It’s a full-bodied blend; the bitter chocolate of the cabernet sauvignon nicely cuts through the sweetness of the shiraz, and the merlot provides a smooth, vanilla finish. 幸运竹enny Red pairs nicely with desert, … 阅读更多


杰夫·萨尔维安应该很紧张。当我遇到他时,他已经在他共同拥有的即将开业的“皇后西区”酒吧双人双发轿车中落后了三周。修改后的开放日期的前几天(他们发誓这个星期),一些关键要素-包括后排休息室的沙发… 阅读更多